Time to Write–a Delicate Balance

Writing is such an enjoyment to me—a novelty. Writing allows me to be able to have time to myself, to use my imagination to create memorable characters and places. Finding the time, however, to get my thoughts down, to write the stories always running in my head, is challenging to say the least. In fact it’s one of the most frustrating things for me.

Having a full time job, a family life, cooking, dishes, laundry, errands, means I’m hard pressed to find enough free time to write. What about the evenings? That is an option, however, by the time eight o’clock rolls around I’m exhausted. I don’t know about other authors, but when I’m tired, my creativity is next to nil.

So what about the weekends? That’s another potential solution, and a time that I do get some writing done. Usually, that time is first thing in the morning, before everyone else is up. Once my son and husband are up, however, then the challenge begins.

I always fight with my conscience. Do I continue doing what I enjoy most in the world? After all, it is my day off! Should I tell everyone to get lost, and continue on with my writing? Or, do I set it aside, which usually is the case, and spend time with the two people who mean the most to me? It’s a hard decision—one that usually leads to my family winning, and to me feeling guilty for not staying true to myself by following my dream.

Don’t get me wrong, family should always come first; but can’t there be room for dreams too?

What’s the answer? Compromise. Find a time when I can write, undisturbed, yet still have time for my family and, naturally, all the endless chores and tasks waiting to be done.

When is this magical time? I discovered, the best time to write is first thing in the morning, both during the week and on weekends. It’s the best time for me—I’m fresh, and at my most creative. Also it’s QUIET. It’s the perfect compromise. Now, the key will be to get motivated to stick to that schedule—no matter what!

That’s a different hurdle to jump, and a blog for another day—as the trials and tribulations of an aspiring writer continues…